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We help businesses thrive worldwide

ContractAwesome is on a mission to make documents efficient. With the leading contract management management platform, we are bringing the legal industry online and fundamentally changing the way contracts are handled.

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Our product philosophy

We automate contracts so teams can focus on what matters – working together to create products and services their customers love.

Our values

Build Together

We respect, share, learn and teach. We are smart, weird, fun and above all, a team that wants to see each other succeed personally and professionally.

Take Ownership

Everyone at ContractAwesome believes that the product represents who we are and the hard work we do. We want to feel proud of this platform that’s shared with the world.


Great achievements are almost always the result not of one, but many. We bring our best, let go of egos, and work with empathy and trust to do great things together.

Do great things, fast

We commit to being great at the things we do and doing them fast, without sacrificing one for the other.

Be Curious

The opportunity to learn is everywhere and we encourage each other to constantly ask questions, dive into data and collaborate with other teams and our users.


We embrace what makes us human, take time to play and have fun, and create meaningful experiences for their own sake.

ContractAwesome Team
ContractAwesome Team