Ever had a deal gone south because of a contract problem? Maybe there was an error in your contract that needed a last-minute revision? Or perhaps your team didn’t finish drafting the contract in time? This software is the solution to your problems. Contracts are the blood life of our economy and the backbone of every deal. Without it, transactions between parties would fall apart. Our built-in contract automation features streamline your workflow so you and your team can get contracts sent and signed faster. Never let a contract get in the way of your fast-paced workflow ever again. We’ve rounded up some of the top automation features ContractAwesome offers.

Contract Automation

Accurate Contracts

Through automation, ContractAwesome eliminates the chances of human errors when drafting contracts. Mistakes in contracts, whether big or small, can kill your deal instantly. If it doesn’t immediately ruin your deal, it might cause bigger problems for you down the road. 

When drafting contracts through ContractAwesome, you can start by choosing appropriate contract templates. These templates have custom fields and variables that can be changed per contract, such as company name, contract period, etc. All your team has to do is fill in each field accordingly. ContractAwesome will handle the rest of your contract, saving your team from making costly mistakes. Of course, you can read through the draft to double-check. But the automation software is already highly accurate.

Automation of contract writing is also an important part of the workflow for reducing risk. By automating the more sensitive parts of the contract, you reduce the chance for errors due to human-caused typos, errors, etc. These may seem like minute details, but the small ones are usually the ones that slip under your radar and bite you later on.

Repeatable Contracts

By building a repeatable contract process, you ensure that your contracts are always consistent. You wouldn’t want any unwanted discrepancies in contracts. Building a consistent contract is also consistently repeatable because of how easy the process becomes, thanks to contract automation software.

ContractAwesome provides the user with a wide range of contract templates that can be used for various deals that you and your team may encounter. In just a few clicks, you can churn out contracts for partnership agreements, NDA’s, and sales contracts by using reusable templates and filling in the custom fields and variables that we mentioned earlier.

The built-in content library makes it easy to customize and fine-tune each contract to your liking. You can easily access images, pricing tables, and snippets from previous contracts and incorporate them in new contracts, simply by dragging and dropping them into the document. No need to waste time unnecessarily on formatting. Aside from helping you draft legally-sound contracts, ContractAwesome also helps you create appealing and easy-to-read contracts, using the appropriate visuals from the built-in content library.

Dynamic Contracts

As touched upon earlier, ContractAwesome has introduced standardized, dynamic templates. It’s a huge time saver when drafting contracts. Instead of your team spending countless hours working on a new contract, you can quickly send over your contract and get to work right away. It’s as easy as filling in your data and shipping your contract to the client.

ContractAwesome’s Editor is custom-designed to help you draft contracts faster. The contract editor isn’t an afterthought. It was carefully designed to be easy-to-use and quick-to-use. You shouldn’t have any problems drafting your contracts efficiently and effectively by using the editor.

The dedicated team behind ContractAwesome is constantly introducing new features to make it even easier for you to make contracts. And as the industry changes and contracts evolve, you can be sure that the ContractAwesome team will support you through the changes by introducing new features, new contract templates, and much more.

Electronic Signatures

Remember how I mentioned that our contract automation features will streamline your workflow? Well, this is one of those features. Now, there’s no need for you to print out contracts and mail them over for them to get signed. No, you won’t need to schedule a meet-up for signing, either.

Built into ContractAwesome’s software suite are zero-hassle, fully-secure electronic signatures. Once your client receives your contract (which was drafted quickly thanks to templates), he will be prompted to sign electronically. Based on experience, the use of electronic signatures reduces average turnaround time by up to 80%.

The electronic signatures can be signed by your clients in just a few seconds and from any device. It leaves your clients no excuse and encourages them to sign a contract on time, or even earlier. And don’t worry, by using the secure electronic signature system, the signature and the contract becomes legally binding.

Beyond Contracts

I know, I’ve mentioned so many features regarding contract management that can already save your team hundreds of hours a month. However, let me tell you that ContractAwesome offers so many more services beyond automation.

The full suite of features allows you to automate your entire contract lifecycle from drafting contracts to closing deals. The dashboard gives you a birds-eye view of all your contracts, all in one place. You can instantly get an idea of the status of all your contracts. It shows you how many contracts are being drafted, how many are being reviewed, and so on.

It helps your teamwork as one cohesive unit. Rather than getting in the way of your workflow, ContractAwesome’s platform acts as a non-intrusive set of tools that support your workflow, helping you get work done faster. You can make all your documents dynamic and never worry about handling bulk contracts. No matter contracts you have to manage, ContractAwesome will help you get the work done.