Contract Lifecycle Management – ContractAwesome

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Request

The first step involves the client requesting a draft of a contract. The contract requests should be recorded in a task manager to keep track.


The request is followed by the generation of the contract based on the details provided by the client. ContractAwesome’s Editor powered by AI allows you to create drafts efficiently.

Negotiations & Collaborations

Perform contract negotiations at a faster rate and more effectively with ContractAwesome. Get faster responses with excellent collaboration processes by making use of our efficient insights tracking for effective negotiations. 

Review and Approval

Get your contract reviewed and approved quickly from internal as well as external approvers. Approvers and team can be invited via Email.


Move forward with the execution of your contract by getting it signed from the concerned parties. Make use of our legally binding electronic signatures and keep all your contracts digital.

Obligations Management

ContractAwesome makes sure to efficiently manage the fulfilment of commitments by the contracting parties in the contract. You can create custom fields and track them over time.

Expiration and Renewal

ContractAwesome sends out timely notifications so that you don’t miss any important dates regarding the expiration or renewal of any contracts.


ContractAwesome’s version management makes the process of amendment of contracts simple. You can conveniently add, remove, or update parts of the agreements in your contracts.