The foundation of any relationship is the contract. Whether it is an unspoken contract between you and your significant other “I make breakfast. You make dinner!”, or a formal and legal document between your company and a returning customer — perhaps even a contract between your organization and a new partner — the contract lays down the ground rules. In business, contracts state how revenue is generated and what to do if things go awry. Despite the importance of contracts, many small businesses and startups still rely on inefficient email and spreadsheets to manage their contract’s lifecycle.

 This style of contract management can and will eventually lead to a whole host of problems. Important contracts could be misplaced and never seen again. The contract manager might be retiring soon, leaving behind a contract management system that leaves the new managers dumbfounded.

 Time is Money

Time is money. Contract management was once a tedious and boring task requiring hundreds of hours of work. Hiring a dedicated contract manager was expensive — from all the hours of training to the cost of retaining.

For any budding organization, contract management can prove to be one of the most time-consuming aspects of a business. It eats up time that could be better spent on delivering your product or service to the customer. So why spend more time and money than you need to?

A Bird’s-eye View

A spreadsheet filled with data and numbers is of no use if the user cannot make sense of it. An efficient contract management dashboard crunches the data for you and presents it logically and intuitively. With the ever-increasing amount of pressure that organizations face to reduce costs and improve company performance, having a centralized hub of contracts is always good practice. ContractAwesome’s efficient contract management platform offers a quick overview of your contracts, answering all the important questions about your business. 

Use ContractAwesome’s real-time dashboard to view: who is assigned the contract, upcoming deadlines, contract status, related comments, past discussions, supporting documents, revisions, and more.

ContractAwesome’s dashboard was made with the end-user in mind. With its easy-to-navigate interface, all the information you need is available at a glance.

Using ContractAwesome’s Contract Management Dashboard

ContractAwesome’s dashboard is trusted by some of the worlds best teams and with good reason. Join the likes of Deloitte, Firetech, and Vox Media is revolutionizing the way contracts are managed. Here are some ways ContractAwesome’s dashboard will change the way you work:

  • The dashboard aggregates relevant data, allowing you to generate insights from patterns and anomalies.
  • The patterns and insights will allow you and your team to set appropriate strategies and refine internal processes.
  • Work on what matters most. Prioritize specific actions, based on the full view of your business’s contract environment.
  • Fully digitize and optimize contract processes.

Contract Management Dashboard

The dashboard presents data in an easy-to-digest graphical format. Graphs are available for contracts based on category and type. This will allow your team to easily view the allocation of total contracts. Are most of your contracts with partners? With vendors? These are the questions you can answer with a quick glance at the dashboard. 

The contract management dashboard also shows expiring contracts and recent contracts. Keep your team on track with easy contract management. Know exactly when contracts become active and whether or not they auto-renew.

Need to clarify some requirements with the customer? The dashboard keeps your contacts in one place. Never scramble to find a business card ever again.

Perhaps you need to send new contracts over to the client in a short amount of time. There are templates available for all sorts of contracts. These are easy to customize depending on the situation and are carefully written.

The dashboard is your home base, but ContractAwesome’s features do not end here. On the sidebar, you have easy access to reports, invoices, integrations and more.

What Sets ContractAwesome Apart?

ContractAwesome is a thoughtfully-crafted platform with the end-user in mind. From local startups to giants of the industry, ContractAwesome eliminates the need for email-intensive workflows and spreadsheets. Here are a few ways ContractAwesome helps your business contracts come together and get you results:

  • ContractAwesome helps you realize expected financial returns and benefits.
  • Suppliers become more cooperative in response to properly managed contracts.
  • Contract disputes or surprises will be eliminated (sleep better at night knowing no unpleasant surprises are coming your way).
  • The services delivered are more likely to be satisfactory to all parties involved.

ContractAwesome provides all the tools you need to set your business up for success. Use the contract management dashboard to organize your contacts efficiently, and keep your customers satisfied. No more wasting time with outdated contract management systems. ContractAwesome is cloud-based and provides several packages at various price points. No matter what the size of your business is, ContractAwesome has the package for you. 

With You From Start to Finish

In general, contract management is composed of three key stages: the pre-award phase, the middle stage, and the post-award stage. ContractAwesome’s dashboard supports your team with relevant and timely information every step of the way.

The dashboard gives an overview of the contract lifecycle. Your contracts are presented by stages: draft, review, negotiation, approval, signature, and executed. By showing you the various stages each contract is at, you’ll never be left wondering what the next step to take is.

ContractAwesome not only supports you through every contract but throughout the lifecycle of your business as well. Whether you’re a small company with a 5-man team or a corporation that’s just launched its IPO, ContractAwesome’s dashboard is an indispensable tool for efficiently keeping track of multiple activities with one easy-to-use dashboard.