More than 200 countries and territories have already confirmed coronavirus cases. There are constant updates about the spread of the virus around the world, including ways to test and prevent it. One of the main safety measures adopted by the majority of the affected countries is to recommend the population to self-isolate. While this crisis unfolds, there is currently around a third of the world’s population self-isolating as a sanitary precaution. The entire globe is adapting to new standards of work and communication throughout this battle against the virus, and cloud-based contract management platforms are helping remote teams work better.

Remote work

New Remote Jobs

Daily life has changed in every fashion and the full scope of this pandemic´s consequences remain unclear. As long as the virus keeps spreading, the global economy is projected to experience downward trends unlike any we have seen since the Great Depression of the 1920s. 

As a consequence of COVID-19, public and private spaces where people would gather are now closed in order to limit the virus spread. With offices and businesses closed indefinitely, there is an increasing number of professionals around the world changing their usual work methodology.

At the centre of these new challenges is an active attempt to balance economic sustainability with respect for safety measures. Adapting our workflows and methods to home-based work is becoming more and more prevalent among companies and professionals across the world.

There has been a spike in the number of people doing remote work. Both new remote job positions and professionals willing to work remotely have increased as a result. It has led to a creative explosion in the diversity of work that can be completed remotely or from home. Those who were previously accustomed to working only in an office or through person-to-person interaction are being forced to find new ways to sustain their lives and careers.

Remote Work as a Response to Social Distancing

Social or physical distancing is among the most crucial safety measures that every individual can adopt to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. As a result of these policies, several companies have changed their work dynamics and methods by increasing the availability of remote job positions. In many ways, this is the only logical response to keep careers and businesses afloat during such a drastic global economic crisis. Although we have been utilizing new technologies to increase productivity and time-management for years, these new circumstances have forced us all to kick these efforts into overdrive and reimagine the way in which we all make a living.

The distributed team setup is growing in every industry because it has several advantages over past systems of collaboration and communication. Many companies have grown to prefer hiring employees who work remotely from all around the world rather than being centralized at a single physical headquarters. One of the reasons has to do with the contributions of individual employees. People who work within a distributed team model need to be self-motivated and proactive when they are working at home, which increases the company’s productivity overall.

At the same time, the number of professionals pursuing the chance to work remotely has increased also because of the comfort and freedom it affords them. Working from home has been shown to lower stress, provide time for leisure activities, and foster more beneficial relationships between coworkers and management.

A distributed team model dedicated to customer support often results in accomplishing tasks quicker and more efficiently. Tasks such as responding to messages and inquiries from customers are accomplished more effectively by distributed teams because being spread across multiple time zones tends to decrease response time.

Communication is key to success in any team dynamic and technology provides us with a means to communicate both quickly and clearly. Video conferencing and group messaging tools allow groups to collaborate and maintain constant contact among all its members. As a product of the exchange with people from different places around the world, the teamwork and its members have the chance to expand their cultural knowledge and cache.

Digital Contract Management Solutions

Nowadays, technology is helping to bridge the gap that previously made remote-work impractical or even unfeasible. This digital transformation simplifies the process is enabling companies and individuals to focus their resources and time more effectively. Increasingly, modern businesses are turning to contract management as it provides tools to improve efficiency and, even more importantly in these current times, public safety.

Business operations can be enhanced by using digital contract management. Taking advantage of this new form of technology allows businesses to archive and share contract information regardless of location or schedule. Storing and encrypting the contracts enhances safety and access at the same time. Digital transformation also has the potential to cut costs because the aid of such organization and efficiency reduces the amount of labour required to complete tasks. Both employer and employee reap the benefits of such a shift.

Monitoring contract lifecycles provides valuable information which is helpful to improve the company’s workflow. Digital contract management offers reports and reminders that enhance the ability to use the contract’s information for planning, negotiating and developing relations.

Changing the Way Remote Teams Manage Contracts

ContractAwesome offers tools and resources to grow your business by managing your contracts efficiently. Our back-end Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine analyzes and highlights important and risky clauses in the legal documents to facilitate the reading of information and avoid missing important details.

You are able to directly monitor all the information related to your contracts on your customizable dashboard. You will have easy access to review the assigned parties of the contract, upcoming deadlines, contract statuses, discussions, documents, and more. 

You can even convert your current contracts into digital files using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithm. Handwritten contracts, as well as non-digital documents, can be turned into editable digital files instantly. Once you upload your files, our platform will extract important data from them independently. By using the OCR algorithm, you will save time and money by avoiding any possible human error that could occur in a manual digitization process. Data will be protected and encrypted so that safety and security are guaranteed. By turning your business paperless, you will make the searching and sharing process more efficient as well as reducing your paper footprint.

Managing and uploading your contracts using ContractAwesome Cloud-based Platform available for iOS and Android Apps can be done anytime and anywhere. Experience real-time collaboration alongside multiple members on the platform simultaneously. Additionally, members with administrative permissions can edit the member’s credentials as well as contact information. Our friendly and highly skilled experts are available 24/7. Simply submit a support ticket and we will get back to you promptly in order to determine the best solution.

With ContractAwesome free templates, you can choose to generate new contracts with ease or create and save your own custom templates for future use. Generate large volumes of contracts by simply choosing one of the options and customizing the necessary final details.

Enhance your business performance, organization, and security with the unique tools and services that ContractAwesome has to offer your business.