While I give you tips for contract management, most of the world is under quarantine thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. People are getting laid off and for those of us who are fortunate enough to keep our jobs, we’ve been forced to work from home. After this is all over, working from home might become the “new normal.” Who knows?

This whole situation really does cause one to pause and wonder, “What does this mean for business?”

Well for business contracts, it means everything needs to go digital. If some aspects of your contract management system is already online, you’re already ahead of the game. If you’re used to traditional face-to-face work, there will be a few adjustments that need to be made and it will take some time to get used to. We’ve rounded up a few tips and tools to help make the transition to remote work more bearable. Check them out below.

Tips for Contract Management

Communicate Clearly

When working remotely, communication is key. By communicating clearly and in a timely fashion, it is less likely that problems will arise due to a misunderstanding. When communicating with your colleagues, the typical method of communication is email. This is fine for formal or long exchanges. Just be sure to reply on time and make your message very clear. If you’d like someone to get something done, be sure to state your instructions clearly and set a reasonable deadline to avoid any delays.

For coworker-to-coworker communication, consider using a team-oriented instant messaging platform, such as Slack. This allows you to send messages back and forth easily and is best suited for short and quick exchanges. When collaborating in real-time over the internet, instant messaging is a lifesaver.

In the case of business partners whom you’ve opened contracts with, make sure to establish a clear point-of-contact. You can have a dedicated email address just for business inquiries and client-customer communication. Find a system that works for you.

Schedule Regular Meetings

Holding regular video conferences with your team holds a whole host of benefits. It doesn’t need to take too much time. It can just be one hour at the end of every workweek. First of the benefits, holding end-of-week conferences allows you and your team to update the rest regarding what was accomplished within the week. If a lot was accomplished, this can boost morale. If not much was accomplished, this time can be used to analyze what went wrong and how to improve.

The meeting can also be used for planning and delegating the tasks for the coming week. By giving each team member specific tasks, you keep them focused since they know exactly what they need to do.

Meetings don’t have to be too formal. If there’s not much on the agenda for that day’s meeting, you can simply use the time to catch up with your colleagues. They’re most likely more than just coworkers, after all, they might have become your friends. I can vouch for this being one of the most important tips for contract management.

Keep Yourself Accountable

Now, this ties in with organizing regular team meetings. The team will know exactly what you have (or haven’t) accomplished throughout the week. However, I’d like to focus more on day-to-day accountability.

Accountability keeps you from procrastinating and forces (pressures) you into accomplishing the tasks needed. You can keep yourself accountable in many simple ways. At the beginning of the day, you can tell your spouse what you’re planning on accomplishing and ask her to check-in on you in the evening. When she does check-in on you in the evening, you wouldn’t want to say “I accomplished nothing,” do you?  

Maintain High Standards

Just because you can work from home, in your bed, wearing sweatpants, doesn’t mean your output standards should drop. You should work as well as you did from the office. If setting up a dedicated office space in your home helps you focus and feel like doing great work, then do so. 

Use Contract Management Software

Using a contract management software is probably the best thing you can do to keep your business contracts on track while working from home.

ContractAwesome is an efficient contract management software that features remote contract management, contactless electronic signatures, contract automation, remote team collaboration, real-time contract analytics, and more. ContractAwesome was created with all the needs of businesses in mind. The team behind ContractAwesome has seen the problems that typically arise with contract management and have created solutions.

ContractAwesome has features to support you throughout every step of your contract’s lifecycle. The optical character recognition allows you to scan printed documents and automatically turn them into editable ones. It also has built-in risk analytics which allows the AI to highlight the potentially risky clauses in any contract you write-up. You can even ship your contracts to your clients digitally and have them sign on any device with the contactless electronic signature feature. If you’re short on time to create contracts, don’t worry. There are templates which can help you with that.

For remote collaboration, ContractAwesome is the software you need. You can work with your team on contracts, get them ready to be shipped, and execute them online. The best thing about it is it all happens in one place. ContractAwesome is the all-in-one hub for your contract management needs.