Websites are the pieces that make up the huge network that we know as the internet. There are entertainment websites such as for games, for streaming movies, etc. The internet is a varied space. We also have websites such as eBay and Amazon which are business-oriented. They represent the top of online business giants. To keep websites up to date, you need a website maintenance contract with a person or a team. Website maintenance isn’t easy. Hiring someone to maintain your website should be. You can use this free template to get started with a contract:

Get The Website Maintenance Contract Template For Free

Website Maintenance Contract

Small local businesses such as restaurants and shops have started to create an online persona. They usually have services on their websites that link back to their brick-and-mortar shops, such as online delivery of furniture, goods, etc. There are also businesses who lie entirely on the web. For them, an outage in one’s server or a buggy user interface can spell out hundreds of dollars of losses. This is why regular website maintenance is of utmost importance.

Despite this, unqualified website owners tend to try to solve the problems on their own. Typically, they fail. If you are skilled, you can save money on expenses incurred by hiring outside parties. Otherwise, you’d be better off writing-up contracts for regular website maintenance with qualified personnel.

Contract Drafting

Contract writing, in general, takes time. To write a good contract, you typically start with an outline. From the outline, you write a rough draft. Then, you proofread and edit the draft. This can take up hours of time especially if you change maintenance providers regularly and create new contracts for each provider.

Contract writing also takes experience. First, you’d need to have at least a little experience with legal documents, as even the smallest faulty clauses can cost your company valuable time and money. Second, even if you’ve already written contracts with other clients, the terms for website maintenance contracts tend to be different. Once again, most companies cannot afford to make mistakes.

Luckily, anyone can draft contracts easily without sacrificing speed nor accuracy. ContractAwesome is a contract management software that makes the entire contract lifecycle efficient, from rapid drafting to timely shipping. ContractAwesome does this through the various templates that they provide through their service. There are contracts for business sale agreements, consulting agreements, and of course website maintenance.

Contract Templates

The beauty behind ContractAwesome’s templates is that the important clauses are taken care of. This reduced the chances of any errors made when drafting contracts. The templates have been written in such a way that risk is nearly nil. ContractAwesome’s website maintenance contract can be used to settle on the purpose, terms, acknowledgements, and schedule with your team’s service provider. Contracts are built by filling out easy-to-use forms. ContractAwesome simply asks you for the relevant information such as dates and names, and the rest will be filled out for you. Now, there’s no excuse to stop you from keeping your websites in top shape.

Get The Website Maintenance Contract Template For Free